Bill Recyclers Eliminating Road Blocks

Bill Recyclers Eliminating Road Blocks  An interview with Mike Bunt, General Manager of Corporate Marketing Equipment of the Buffalo Rock Company

A few excerpts:

Bill Recyclers Eliminating Road Blocks  “The one piece that we did find is that customers appreciate us giving them different ways to buy products… with people carrying bigger bills, it allows them to use vendors in the past that they were not able to use.”

“The great thing about using the MEI recycler is the fact that you have a company that is focused on the currency systems and they are only involved in one segment of the business, so their total focus is supporting us when we buy their equipment.”

“We can take credit cards, do recycling and validating all in the same unit, therefore, our customers have no road blocks when they want to purchase our product.”   You are listening  to Bill Recyclers Eliminating Road Blocks   For More Vending Business  Blogs go to  New To The Vending Business?

Listen to the podcast:

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