AprivaPay Self-Service

AprivaPay Self-Service is a leader in providing secure mobile communications and payment processing. As you can see vending companies are reaping the benefits of this technology.

AprivaPay Self-Service

screenshot www.apriva.com 2018.11.14 10 32 39 600x252 - AprivaPay Self-ServiceApriva’s adaptive platform enables broad acceptance
for self-service and unattended payments


Vending Machines, Kiosks and Micro Markets

By leveraging all points of interaction and delivering cashless payments, vending management systems, and equipment financing, Apriva Self-Service can be a revenue driver for omnichannel merchants. Key features include:

  • Two-tier pricing
  • Multi-vend capabilities
  • Interchange optimization
  • Interactive displays
  • Host-based batch processing
  • DEX data routing for real-time information access

I’m ready to add cashless payments


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