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Wisconsin Company Introduces the “Haute Cuisine Machine”


Wisconsin Company Introduces the “Haute Cuisine Machine”

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Vending Machines of Celebrities’ Dreams…

Ah, celebrities. We’ve grown to expect their weird, flashy antics (here’s looking at you, Lindsay…) but with all their public displays of wackiness, don’t you wonder what kind of consumer behavior they’ve got going on when the cameras are off? For example, what does Paris Hilton typically eat for dinner on a Thursday night and where, exactly, does Simon Cowell buy all those chest-hugging black t-shirts? We’ve taken the liberty of hypothesizing over the vending machine habits of America’s favorite celebs…that is, if these vending machines actually existed.

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Vending Machine Tech: The Future is Now

Vending machine technology is ever-evolving, from the days of holy water dispensed at the drop of a Drachma to a world where live animals can survive inside a machine, convenience vending is a rapidly changing industry. Some of the technological advances to hit the industry have been subtle enough to avoid public recognition while others have amounted to great fanfare (Redbox, anyone?) – whatever the case, vending machine tech is cutting edge…watch your back, Apple.

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The Products of Mad Men: Where are they now?

AMC’s critical darling Mad Men is set to return for its fifth season soon (that is, if tenuous contract negotiations get worked out) and fans are rabid for new episodes and salacious storylines. Brands are chomping at the bit to be featured as clients of Mad Men’s fictional advertising agencies since product placement on the series is as good as gold. Back in the early 1960s advertising agencies were the best way to get your product to fly off the shelves but we thought it’d be fun to take a look at how many of the products covered on Mad Men have not only become widely available to the public but so ubiquitous they can now be purchased straight from a vending machine…

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The Mate Machine – Convenience Dating at a Whole New Level

Anyone who’s seen BRAVO’s hit show “Millionaire Matchmaker” wonders how well this matchmaking stuff really works – how can someone who just met you conclude what kind of soul mate you’re looking for? If it’s really that easy to determine whether or not two people are a fit, why can’t we date at the push of a button? Wouldn’t it be great if your next boyfriend or girlfriend was simply waiting for you to select them from a vast array of singles hidden behind the illuminated plastic of a vending machine? Here are some ideas for the hypothetical “Mate Machine” (copyright pending)…dating service of the future.

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Get the Hottest Tech Products…from a Vending Machine?

Technology and vending machines go hand in hand, kind of like peanut butter and jelly or Charlie Sheen and crazy. In the last few years the vending machine industry has seen an increased demand for high-tech products sold in the ultimate convenience format, namely, through the swipe of a credit card. Let’s take a look together at some of the wildest, most innovative products that are now available at your neighborhood (okay, maybe not everyone’s neighborhood) vending machine…

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Vending Machine Oddities from Around the Globe

Convenience is the name of the game in the vending industry but some countries take this concept further than others. While Americans expect snacks and sodas to be readily available from their machines consumers in Asia have slightly higher standards requiring, say, live crabs and neckties? Here’s a look at some of the weirdest, unlikeliest and downright strange things that you‘ll find in vending machines at home and abroad:

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