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AMS Vending Machine Sales Blocking (Video)

Four separate time periods in each day of the week can be set during which selections can be blocked. All or any combination of selections in the vendor can be blocked from vending or are exempt from blocking – that is free to vend.

Set periods 1-4

  • Enter the number of the time period to set up (for example, choose #1)
  • Enter the time when sales blocking period #1 is to start, then press save
  • Select AM or PM for starting
  • Enter the time when sales blocking period #1 is to end, then press save
  • Select AM or PM for ending
  • Starting with Sunday, press #1 blocking will be on or off
  • Select 2 to continue with the next day of the week

Sales blocking as set in the vendor may be turned ON or OFF by turning one or more days of the week ON or OFF.

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How To Replace The AMS Control Board (Video)

The control board is located in the top right corner of the coin bay on AMS vending machines.

Next, save the machine settings to an SD card or copy them for future reference.

For warranty replacements, place parts for return in a static free bag which the new parts arrived in and completely fill out the warranty replacement document or copy the “picking ticket” for return.

Power down the machine, then disconnect the J9 display connector and sensor harness on the board in the machine. Connect the display and sensor harness to your new board.

With a modest tug, remove the control board in the machine off the control board supports, then connect the new board in the same area with a slight push to engage on the support pins.

Next, turn on the power switch.

You can load your settings to the board through the SD card or manually from notes copied earlier.

When replacing an S2 board with an S3 board, you will need to adjust the motor type to SENSIT.

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How To Set Prices On AMS Vending Machines (Video)

Enter the tray, then the column for the first selection to be priced. The current price for the selection will be displayed.

Press 9 to edit, then enter the price.

The decimal is placed automatically based on the scaling factor from the changer.

  • Apply the new price with **
  • All selections on the tray *1
  • All selections in the vendor *2

It’s faster to set all selections to the most common price (*2), then change individual trays or items that have a different price.

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How To Receive & Install Your Vending Machine

First, inspect the vending machine as you unpack it and ask the driver to wait a few moments until you have done a quick inspection. Once you have signed off, you are responsible for the external condition.

If there are problems, note them on the bill of lading.

Review all documents attached to be sure that it is consistent with your order.

Once the vending machine has reached its destination, the shipping boards can be removed. Split the shipping boards with a wedge or crowbar at either end.

Do not tilt the vending machine or attempt to lift it with a two wheel truck.

Next, level the machine and adjust the four main legs so they are touching the floor.

Place the vending machine 5 feet from the designated power outlet. The ventilation opening in the back must be clear of obstructions.

For refrigerated models allow at least 4 inches between the wall and the back of the vendor for proper air circulation.

For indoor vending machines:

The power cord kit will be located in the coin box area. Before plugging the cord into the wall outlet, leave the metal cover attached and plug the cord into the connector at the rear of the machine. Using the screws provided, secure the protective cover and strain relief in place.

Warning: The false leg helps prevent the vending machine from tipping forward when the vending door is open and one or more bottle trays are extended. Failure to install the false leg on vendors with bottle trays may result in serious injury.

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How To Acquire New Vending Accounts From Your Competitors

Large competitors like to send business they don’t want to someone they can trust usually because they have size limitations. Get to those people by contacting their sales people and the principals of the business such as Canteen or ARA. Find competitors that might not want to work in the areas that you do. I would get accounts with multiple locations around the city and I couldn’t service them all because they were too far away to make it profitable. But if I had a local guy over there that I trusted, he would get the business and we would work as a team, it was an easy way to dominate a few industries.

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Intuition and Vending Sales

If you think you need to go talk to somebody on your prospect list, you probably ought to.

Listen to that small voice that nudges you to contact someone even if you don’t know why, there’s usually a good reason for it. Listen to yourself.

Just today while driving back from a sales call and I’m thinking, “I think I need to go see this guy.” And sure enough when I go to see him, what was a cold call turned out to be a 3 hour full presentation and I’ll be taking a piece of the product out to show him next week.

It was just on a whim. I don’t know why I decided to do it, but I decided to do it. It’s called listening to that voice in the back of your head that says, “Do it, do it.”

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Take Your Vending Business To The Next Level – Part 2

Larry shares how he landed a profitable vending account from his early days.

Soon after landing this account he received phone calls from every facility they had in the area.

To get into big accounts you find someone who works there and ask “Do you have vending?” and if so, “Are you happy with your vending?”

Sometimes you never know who really makes the decision to change the vending. So you must take care of everyone.

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Take Your Vending Business To The Next Level

Larry shares a story about how he landed a big account.

Acquiring big accounts or taking it to the next level involves persistence because big accounts get called on by most sales people.

Sometimes big accounts get frustrated with their current vending operator over something small, that’s when they look for a replacement. So, stay in front of them consistently and call on them.

Do you like to work with people who want your business? Most people do, so prove it to them.

Big vending operators get big because they take care of their accounts.

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